Turban Visor – How to identify an Authentic GlueGlue ®

Nataly/ September 20, 2023/ Fashion Trip Tips

Tips that will help you to distinguish an original GlueGlue turban visor from another similar visors.

Turban visor is an exclusive design patented by GlueGlue in 2018 at INPI in Brazil (registration number 302017005367-0). Over the years, this design began to be sold by companies and independent sellers. However, the fabric technology that GlueGlue uses was not used in these items.  Arpansa standards testing and procedures were disregarded. GlueGlue’s turban visors, as all items created and patented by the brand, guarantee proven protection as they have undergone laboratory analysis. The impeccable quality of this items is proven by the best dermatologists.

See the difference: Authentic GlueGlue Turban Visor x Similar Turban Visor.

The first two photos has been shown difference in size and coverage flap.The photo on the right is one of the exclusive colors made by the company called golden nude. This one, which was considered a “favorite” by the public, became one of the best-selling in Brazil and abroad. GlueGlue’s sun visors were made with a recycled plastic flap upholding sustainability. They float in water. See this link on how plastic was processed. After this step, the plastic was cut with specific and exclusive measurements using a  created GlueGlue mold, following a standard shape. GlueGlue flaps were designed to start from behind the ears. It protects against sunlight and skin cancer exposure in that area. This part is often forgotten and does not receive sun protection. All fabrics used in production have UPF50+ technology, guaranteed by the factories that subject these fabrics to periodic tests. However, several analyzes were carried out by the company itself. The tests were carried out by SENAI in accordance with Arpansa’s AS/NZS 4399:1996. This is the Australian agency that regulates and guarantees the level of sun protection fabrics like ours.

GlueGlue label is located inside de pieces.It is entirely white, made of polyurethane. The writing is blue shade as logo color. Labels also have a batch of the year they were manufactured. Every GlueGlue visor is sent inside a case bag that will protect your piece. It also contains a security seal and brand tag with sun protection seal indicating standardization.

The photos below show a coverage of a “similar” turban model starting in front of the ear, leaving this area exposed. Similar turban visors were made of  rubber called EVA. So they give less support to the head and come off easily in the wind. They were often manufactured by companies that replicate items en masse outside Brazil and sell to independent professionals such as beach vendors, etc.

Below was placed some advertisers who used the brand name and the photo of GlueGlue models like Kaiane Agapito and Juliana Barroso in their ads. However, these advertisers do not resell GlueGlue items. Marketplaces have never resold GlueGlue items. Be careful in order not to be deceived.

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