Shining during the year: Bikini trends for 2023.

Nataly/ April 26, 2019/ Fashion Trip Tips

Ruffles, prints, applications and a lot of sophistication are part of bikini trends for 2023. Choose yours and make a hit on every sunny season!

Those who like to enjoy the beach or pool can’t resist a new bikini model. Fashionable women are also already looking at the bikini models that will be successful on this season. 

Bikini trends for 2023

There are many different beachwear options on the scene, which guarantee delicacy and sensuality to the look. The traditional will be left aside and, for those who like to dare, this is the ideal opportunity. If you don’t want to stop make success on this summer, check out five bikini trends for 2023:


Beach fashion continues to give way to tassels and fringes. The applications make the pieces stand out and the models can be used both to get in the water and to enjoy after the beach and summer nights. The tip is to explore the details, choosing colors and models according to your style.


Nude tones are on the rise in 2023 bikini models. The use of neutral colors is an international trend that is gaining ground on world beaches. Choose one in a similar color to your skin or in soft earth tones.

Tied Bikini

Bikinis with straps arrive at beach fashion 2023 more daring and laid-back. The entire strips are replaced by models with ties on the sides, both in bikinis and in swimsuits.

tendência de biquíni 2023

Bright colors never go out of fashion, and prints with foliage and tropical images are still with everything. Invest in green and blue tones if you want to get it right every time.


The ruffles complement the delicacy of the bikini looks for 2023, appearing mainly on the straps of the tops. The model is perfect to wear with plain panties or even with ruffles on the sides, if you choose a more daring look. The highlight of femininity is the brand of ruffles, but it is important not to overdo it so as not to give too much volume to the hips or not get lost in the combination.

embroidery bikini


Lift Butt Bikini

Lift butt bikinis, also known as heart or ripple, provide the visual effect of lifting the butt because of the modeling and puckering that give more volume in the back. The “butt lifts” are recommended both for those who have a small butt and want to have the effect of more volume and for those who want to give an up in the butt that is already big. The models never go out of fashion among Brazilian women, they are comfortable and can be worn with prints or plain.

frill bikini


This summer’s beach fashion makes room for sophistication, glamor and a lot of femininity. Combine boldness and sensuality and choose your best bikini for 2023! What’s your favorite model? Share with us in the comments.

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