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shine sun protective turban


GlueGluewas born in 2015 to revolutionize the way that people wear sun visors. With smart fabrics and innovating design  we draw GlueGlue’s sun protection visors to be possible many day-by-day sophisticated mixing..

With innovative design and smart fabrics, we design exclusive sun visors GlueGluewith sun protection UPF50+, so combinations become much more charming and stylish .


We chose to help the planet by using already recycled plastic flaps in all our production. As they are made of plastic, the GlueGlue visors float in the water and no one will lose the accessory in the water during a boat trip, for example.

In this collection we use buttons made from waste from previous productions, reducing disposal in industrial landfills. The cost is higher, but it’s worth it to help the environment.

Already Since our climate is tropical and we are increasingly concerned about protecting our skin, we seek to bring a fashionable visor model to be an item loved by our customers. Combining fashion, sun protection and sustainability.


In 2022, GlueGlueincluded the AL MARE collection in its range . This is the first haute couture with UPF50+ sun protection, a tailoring with technological fabrics for both women and men. A much lighter option for summer, not to mention that it doesn’t wrinkle in your suitcase and doesn’t take up much space. With proposals for the beach club, boat trips, trips, etc.

Our suppliers have the international certification of all the fabrics we use, but still the visors GlueGlue were subjected to SENAI analyses, which are carried out in accordance with the ARPANSA AS/NZS 4399:1996 standard and proved 50+ protection, being the maximum protection for existing fabric.


Brand’s name was chosen because GlueGlue;s sun visorsticks to the head and does not come off easy with the wind.

We hope that our customers have incredible experiences, elevate their sefl esteem and vibration wearing our products to protect themselves from the sun when playing sports, on tourist trips or to enjoy a pool or beach in style, at any place in the world.

This visor will certainly be part of unforgettable moments that will be saved in your memory and in photos, share this moment with us on social media by tagging the hashtag #gluegluedelivery and We will be delighted to keep this image on our profile, after all you are part of our history!


We understand that there is a market for everyone. And every highly successful item ends up being copied. There are large marketplaces such as Shopee, Mercado Livre, etc., which do not filter what they are selling and unfortunately sells copies of some brands.Please be advised that original GlueGlue visors are available for sale only on authorized reseller websites and stores in Brazil and abroad, at Adcos store chain, at GlueGlue’s digital media and at the best hotels, aesthetic clinics at beach wear stores tbrand’s official website. If you have doubs ask us by whatsapp.We ask that you do not use photos of models and clients of GLUEGLUE MODA PRAIA LTDA, to avoid unnecessary legal actions.
sun protective turban


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