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GlueGlue’s tress visor with max tab is a masterpiece of luxury and sophistication, ideal for those who appreciate style and high-quality sun protection. With its exclusive and artisanal design, this model sets new standards of elegance, offering an unparalleled fashion and functionality experience.

Each visor is meticulously handcrafted using traditional weaving techniques, resulting in a unique piece filled with intricate details and textures. This attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, from delicately intertwined braids to impeccable finishing.

In addition to its stunning design, tress visor provides exceptional sun protection UPF50+. Its generous tab size offers broad coverage for the face and neck, ensuring you’re shielded from harmful UV rays while enjoying the outdoors with comfort and safety.

By investing in a GlueGlue visor, you’re not just acquiring skincare or a fashion accessory; you’re embracing a symbol of style and quality. Make a timeless statement of elegance with the max-brimmed woven visor and indulge in the best of sun protection and style. After all, you deserve the best.